What Is the OF London GB Charge on Your Bank Statement?

Seeing an unfamiliar charge on your bank or credit card statement can be confusing and concerning. You may wonder, “What is this OF London GB charge? Did I really make this purchase or is my account compromised?” This guide will explain what the OF London GB charge is, why you may be seeing it, and what steps to take if it’s unauthorized.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an online subscription platform that allows content creators to monetize exclusive photos, videos, live streams, and more. Creators can charge subscribers monthly fees to access this exclusive content. The site is popular among influencers, celebrities, entertainers, and more as a way to earn money from social media fans.

Some examples of content shared on OnlyFans include:

  • Exclusive and personal photos/videos
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Live streams and chat sessions
  • Special requests or customized content

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OF London Charge

Seeing a Charge from “OF London GB”

When you pay for an OnlyFans subscription or tip a creator, it may show up on your bank statement as a charge from “OnlyFans.com London GBR.” This indicates an OnlyFans transaction has been processed through their London, UK headquarters.

The charge details will typically include:

  • OF: Abbreviation for OnlyFans
  • London GBR: Location of OnlyFans headquarters
  • Amount: Subscription fee paid that month or one-time tip amount

So an OnlyFans charge could appear as something like:


Why Am I Being Charged if I Don’t Have an Account?

If you see an OnlyFans charge but don’t recall signing up for the platform, it could be an unauthorized transaction. This can happen if:

  • Someone else used your payment information to subscribe
  • Your payment details were compromised
  • It’s a fraudulent charge

Unauthorized transactions should always be investigated immediately.

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Steps if You See an Unauthorized Charge

If you notice an OnlyFans charge you didn’t make, take these steps:

  • Contact OnlyFans support: Report the unauthorized charge and request they investigate
  • Dispute with bank: File a dispute with your bank/credit card company for a fraudulent charge
  • Monitor statements: Carefully review all bank statements and card activity for further unauthorized charges
  • Change passwords: Update passwords, security questions, and pins for any compromised accounts as a safety precaution
OF London GB Charge on Bank Statement

Tips for Identifying Valid vs. Fraudulent Charges

To determine if a charge on your statement is valid or fraudulent:

  • Review regularly: Frequently check statements to catch unfamiliar charges right away
  • Compare details: Match transaction dates, merchant names, and amounts to known purchases
  • Watch for “tests”: Fraudsters sometimes make small “test” charges to check if cards work
  • Note locations: Be alert to charges from unfamiliar or foreign countries

Carefully inspecting bank statements and staying vigilant about account activity is the best defense against unauthorized transactions.

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How to Avoid the OF London Charge

If you want to steer clear of seeing the OF London charge on your bank statement, here are some tips:

Don’t sign up for OnlyFans without understanding the costs

  • Research OnlyFans thoroughly so you know creators charge recurring monthly fees
  • Look into free alternative sites if you just want to browse content

Use virtual credit cards

  • Services like Privacy.com let you generate virtual card numbers
  • Set low spending limits so large unexpected charges won’t go through

Ask creators about cheaper tiers

  • Message creators asking if they offer lower priced monthly subscriptions
  • See if there’s an option to pay per individual post instead

Dispute unauthorized charges

  • If you see a surprise OF London charge, quickly dispute it with your bank
  • Change passwords and enable two-factor authentication for extra security

Carefully monitor bank statements

  • Routinely check statements and transactions to identify unfamiliar charges
  • Set up text/email alerts for large or international purchases

Avoiding OnlyFans charges takes some vigilance. But being an informed and proactive consumer can help you steer clear of seeing that OF London debit you didn’t authorize or expect.

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What’s Pos Debit OF London GBR charge on your Chase credit card statement? Most likely it’s legit!


If you see the “OF London GB” charge on your statement don’t panic. Now you understand it indicates an OnlyFans purchase. But if you didn’t intentionally subscribe or tip someone on OnlyFans, promptly dispute the charge to protect yourself from fraud.

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