What Is CSC ServiceWorks Charge On Your Bank Statement?

Have you ever noticed an odd charge from “CSC ServiceWorks” on your bank or credit card statement? If so, you may be wondering what exactly CSC ServiceWorks is and why they are charging you. This comprehensive guide will explain CSC ServiceWorks charges, what they are for, and how to avoid unnecessary fees.

What is CSC ServiceWorks?

The CSC ServiceWorks charge on your statement refers to a fee for maintenance, repair or laundry services rendered by the company. It also includes charges for any supplemental services you may have opted into through CSC ServiceWorks. These services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Waste disposal
  • Food service
  • Laundry
  • Automated vending machines

When you make a purchase at a CSC ServiceWorks client location, charges from the company may show up on your bank statement or credit card statement to reimburse them for services rendered at that business.

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Why Am I Being Charged by CSC ServiceWorks?

What is CSC ServiceWorks

There are a few reasons why you may see a CSC ServiceWorks charge on your financial statements:

1. Venue Service Fees

Many businesses like hotels and stadiums work with CSC ServiceWorks to handle their cleaning, laundry, landscaping, or equipment maintenance. Fees from CSC help pay for these vendor services.

For example, your hotel cleaning fee or stadium facility maintenance fee often goes to reimburse CSC ServiceWorks.

2. Automated Machine Charges

CSC ServiceWorks operates automated vending-style machines for various convenience services. When you pay to use one of their laundry, vacuum, or tire inflation machines, the charge goes to CSC.

These automated kiosk services typically cost around $1-2 per use.

3. Retail Purchases

Some retailers utilize CSC ServiceWorks for facilities management and cleaning. Your in-store purchases at these retailers may have small CSC fees tacked on.

For example, some gas stations use CSC’s tire inflation machines. Pumping air into your tires triggers a $1-2 CSC charge.

CSC ServiceWorks Charge On Your Bank Statement
CSC ServiceWorks Charge

What Do CSC ServiceWorks Charges Cover?

CSC ServiceWorks charges on your credit card or bank statements go towards covering the company’s operating costs, including:

  • Employee wages
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Waste disposal
  • Landscaping and janitorial services
  • Laundry facilities at hotels, gyms, etc.
  • Processing fees for automated machines

These charges allow CSC ServiceWorks to provide services to their clients while earning revenue to sustain their business.

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Are CSC ServiceWorks Charges Mandatory?

Yes, CSC ServiceWorks charges are typically mandatory fees that are required for purchases at businesses using their services. These fees should generally be disclosed to you upfront when you make a purchase or use one of their automated machines.

If the charges were not made clear prior to your purchase, you may have grounds to dispute them with your credit card company or bank.

How to Avoid Unnecessary CSC ServiceWorks Charges

How to Avoid Unnecessary CSC ServiceWorks Charges

While many CSC ServiceWorks fees are legitimate charges for services rendered, you may encounter some unnecessary or unintended charges. Here are some tips to prevent surprise CSC fees:

1. Carefully Review Statements and Receipts

Scrutinize your credit card and bank statements to identify any questionable CSC charges. Also check receipts from hotels, retailers, and other merchants for disclosures of CSC fees. This allows you to dispute invalid fees in a timely manner.

2. Research Venues Before Booking

Before making reservations or ticket purchases, research whether establishments like hotels and stadiums use CSC ServiceWorks for maintenance and cleaning. If you want to avoid CSC fees, consider alternate venues.

3. Minimize Incidental Purchases

Small incidental transactions at retailers and gas stations often trigger minor CSC fees that add up. Limit additional purchases to reduce chances of being charged.

4. Compare Laundry Facility Options

Hotel laundry services typically utilize CSC, resulting in fees. When possible, opt to use your own laundry machines in lodging rooms, at home, or at a third-party laundromat to avoid unneeded charges.

5. Bring Your Own Snacks

Many entertainment venues and hotels that use CSC services also tack on fees for on-site food and beverage purchases. Bring your own snacks and drinks to avoid costs.

6. Carefully Read Signage Near Kiosks

Signs on automated vending machines for services like vacuum use and tire inflation should disclose that CSC fees apply. Avoid using kiosks that charge fees if possible.

7. Use Your Own Gym Facilities

Fitness centers at hotels and other lodgings often contract with CSC ServiceWorks for equipment maintenance and cleaning. Use your hotel room, home gym, or another gym to avoid fees. With vigilance about the venues you frequent and transactions you make, you can reduce unexpected CSC ServiceWorks charges. But many fees may still be unavoidable if you want to patronize businesses that utilize CSC.

What is CSC ServiceWorks – Mystery Solved


CSC ServiceWorks is a major national provider of facility maintenance, cleaning, landscaping and automated vending machine services for retailers, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues across the United States.

Charges from the company on your financial statements help reimburse CSC for vendor services rendered during your transactions. While the fees are generally mandatory, being aware of their relationship with businesses you frequent can help you avoid surprise charges down the road through careful purchase choices.

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