What Is the SP AFF* Charge on Your Bank Statement?

Have you ever noticed a strange “SP AFF*” charge on your bank or credit card statement and wondered – what is this?? If so, you’re not alone. These vague charges can be confusing, but there’s no need for alarm. This post will explain exactly what SP AFF* means, when you can expect to see it, and most importantly, whether it’s something you need to worry about.

Key Takeaways: Decoding the SP AFF* Charge

Seeing a vague “SP AFF*” description on your bank statement can certainly be puzzling. To recap:

  • SP AFF* charges relate to payments made to Affirm, a major BNPL financing provider
  • The charges appear when Affirm processes an installment payment for a purchase you split into multiple payments over time
  • SP AFF* charges themselves are typically legitimate and expected
  • But unusual activity could indicate unauthorized transactions or billing issues
  • Logging into your Affirm account provides more details on your BNPL loans and payments
  • Contact Affirm customer service immediately if you see any unrecognized SP AFF* charges

A Breakdown of the Mysterious SP AFF* Charge

First things first – let’s decode this cryptic statement charge:

  • SP stands for “special purchase”
  • AFF indicates the charge is related to a company called Affirm
  • The *** is typically a variable number or letter used as a transaction ID placeholder

So “SP AFF*” refers to a purchase made through Affirm, one of the major Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) lenders.

What is Affirm and BNPL?

Affirm is a financial services company that offers short-term financing for online and in-store purchases. Their Buy Now, Pay Later model allows shoppers to split payments for a purchase over time. So instead of paying the full amount upfront, you can make smaller payments over weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly installments.

What Is the SP AFF Charge on Your Bank Statement

BNPL lenders like Affirm are growing increasingly popular, especially among younger demographics. They provide an easy and fast financing option that offers flexibility compared to traditional credit cards or loans.

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When Will You See SP AFF* Charges?

You can expect to see SP AFF* charges on your regular bank or credit card statements any time you utilize Affirm’s BNPL loans.

For example, you may notice SP AFF* charges for:

  • Online retail purchases – clothing, electronics, home goods, etc.
  • Travel bookings – flights, hotels, rental cars
  • Healthcare expenses – elective procedures, dental work, fertility treatments
  • Automotive costs – vehicle down payments, maintenance services
  • Home improvement projects – furniture, renovations, appliances

Essentially any major or minor purchase that you finance through Affirm can trigger the SP AFF* charge when one of your scheduled payments is processed.

Below is a step-by-step overview of incurring SP AFF* charges with an Affirm BNPL loan:

  1. Shopper selects product or service to purchase from Affirm-integrated merchant
  2. Shopper opts to finance purchase through Affirm at checkout
  3. Affirm approves customer for BNPL loan and terms
  4. Customer receives product or service
  5. Affirm processes scheduled BNPL payments
  6. SP AFF* charge appears on customer bank/CC statement reflecting payments

So you can expect the SP AFF* charge each time Affirm collects one of your installment payments. The date and amount will align with your established BNPL repayment schedule.

Why the Vague Description?

You may be wondering – if the charge relates to a purchase I made, why doesn’t my statement show the actual merchant or product details?

There are a few potential reasons Affirm only notes these payments as “SP AFF*” including:

  • Privacy considerations – Keeping purchase details off bank statements prevents possibly sensitive information from going to third parties
  • Technical processing – Complex back-end systems may limit the specificity on certain billing descriptors

The bottom line is that while your monthly statements show evidence of an Affirm payment, the underlying specifics remain private.

However, you can easily access more detailed information on your BNPL activity by logging into your Affirm account dashboard. There you can review payment schedules, view associated merchants for each charge, and monitor your repayment progress.

Sp AFF charge on bank statement

Do You Need to Worry About SP AFF* Charges?

In most cases, SP AFF* charges are nothing to be concerned about. They simply indicate you made an Affirm BNPL payment that month. As long as the date and amount align with your expected repayment schedule, the charge is likely legitimate business as usual.

However, occasionally billing errors or fraudulent activity occurs. We recommend proactively monitoring all charges on your monthly statements to confirm accuracy.

Here are tips to ensure SP AFF* charges are authorized transactions:

  • Log into your Affirm account frequently – Review charges and repayment activity details.
  • Verify statement amounts match – Do the SP AFF* charge date and dollar amounts align with your BNPL schedule?
  • Watch for multiple charges – Are there multiple versions of the same SP AFF* charge? Could signal duplicate billing.
  • Check statements promptly – Rapidly identify any discrepancies before they compound.

Carefully checking all charges each billing cycle can help prevent or resolve problems. If anything seems suspicious, contact Affirm right away.

What If You Don’t Recognize an SP AFF* Charge?

If you notice an SP AFF* charge but have no recollection of taking out an Affirm loan, don’t panic. There are a few possible explanations:

  • You completed financing and simply forgot
  • It’s an unauthorized transaction
  • The charge is fraudulent activity
  • There was a technical billing error

If you see any unrecognized or questionable SP AFF* charges:

  1. Contact Affirm’s customer support team immediately – Call or email Affirm explaining the unknown charge and requesting clarification.
  2. Dispute the charge if unauthorized – Affirm will investigate and confirm if the charge is an error. If it is, they will remove it from your account and issue any credits owed.
  3. Implement added security precautions – Update account passwords, enable two-factor authentication, check credit reports for suspicious activity. Monitoring your financial activity more closely can help identify problems faster.

Affirm provides 24/7 customer support to help resolve mysterious charges or other account issues. You can reach their team by:

  • Phone: (800) 934-8485
  • Email: support@affirm.com
  • Website submission form

Bottom line – don’t hesitate to contact Affirm if an SP AFF* charge appears invalid. Their helpful specialists can perform research and corrections as needed.

What’s SP AFF* charge on credit or debit card? Is it a scam transaction on your bank statement?


So while confusing at first glance, SP AFF* charges are generally just reflective of normal repayment activity on an Affirm BNPL loan. But keeping close tabs on your statements and account activity is still smart practice to confirm accuracy.

Hopefully this breakdown demystifies the whole SP AFF* charge situation! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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