What Is the WUVISAAFT Charge on Your Bank Statement?

Have you ever noticed an odd “WUVISAAFT” charge on your bank or credit card statement and wondered what it was? If so, you’re not alone. Many people see this vague charge and get confused about where it came from and whether it’s fraudulent.

This blog post will explain everything you need to know about the WUVISAAFT bank charge, including:

  • What WUVISAAFT stands for
  • Why the charge occurs
  • If it’s legitimate
  • How to prevent unexpected charges

What Does “WUVISAAFT” Mean?

WUVISAAFT stands for Western Union, Visa, account funding transaction. It is a charge related to sending or receiving money through the Western Union money transfer service using a Visa debit or credit card.

Specifically, it refers to a collaboration between Western Union and Visa to power real-time fund transfers. Visa Direct integrates with the Western Union platform to enable instant domestic and international money movement between Visa cards.

WUVISAAFT Charge on Bank Statement

When Does This Charge Appear?

The WUVISAAFT bank charge will show up on your regular credit card or bank statement when you utilize your Visa card to fund a Western Union money transfer.

The charge amount will depend on the amount of money sent. It typically appears as “WUVISAAFT” but could show up under similar transaction names:

  • VISA Direct Payment
  • WU Payment
  • Wuvisaat
  • Western Union

Is the WUVISAAFT Charge Legitimate?

Yes, the WUVISAAFT charge is 100% legitimate and authorized. It is not a scam or fraud. The charge ensures your Western Union money transfer occurs securely in real-time.

Think of it as a transaction or processing fee associated with using your Visa card via Visa Direct to move funds through Western Union’s platform.

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How to Avoid Unexpected WUVISAAFT Charges

While the WUVISAAFT bank charge is legitimate, you may see unexpected charges appear if someone gains unauthorized access to your Visa card. Here are tips to prevent surprise WUVISAAFT fees:

Check statements regularly

Get in the habit of closely reviewing your credit card and bank statements each month. Carefully scrutinize all charges, including small ones, to catch unauthorized transactions quickly. Experts recommend checking statements weekly for optimal monitoring.

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Set up transaction alerts

Many banks and credit card companies allow you to set up real-time text or email alerts when certain types of transactions occur. Consider setting up alerts for any online transfers or payments over a small amount, like $50. Alerts act as an early warning system.

Use credit cards responsibly

Credit cards offer more fraud protections than debit cards[2]. But improper use can still allow criminals to gain access. Never share card details unless making a purchase yourself. Also, opt to lower credit limits if you won’t need high ones.

Know the signs of fraud

Watch for suspicious transactions like small charges from unfamiliar merchants. Many criminals make tiny charges to test if a card works before making bigger unauthorized purchases.

Contact Western Union or your bank

If you spot any fraudulent looking charges, call Western Union and your bank or credit card issuer immediately. Reporting unauthorized transfers quickly can help prevent further abuse of your accounts.

Diligent monitoring and fraud awareness are the best ways to avoid surprise WUVISAAFT charges. Being proactive allows you to catch unauthorized activity right away.

What Is the WUVISAAFT Charge on Your Bank Statement?


In summary, the WUVISAAFT charge refers to Western Union and Visa’s collaboration on a real-time payment platform. It will appear when utilizing a Visa card to fund Western Union money transfers.

While confusing at first glance, it is a standard financial transaction charge. As long as you diligently check statements and report unauthorized transfers, a WUVISAAFT charge is nothing to worry about!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Visa Direct?

Visa Direct is Visa’s real-time push payments platform that enables domestic and cross-border transfers between Visa debit and credit cards. It partners with services like Western Union to power real-time money movement.

What should I do if I’m a victim of fraud?

If you notice an unauthorized or fraudulent WUVISAAFT charge on your statement, immediately call your bank or credit card issuer’s customer service team. Report the charge as fraudulent so they can start the dispute process and investigation.

How does Western Union prevent fraud?

Western Union utilizes encryption mechanisms, machine learning, AI, and cross-network anti-fraud detection to analyze transactions and stop fraud in real time. Their secure payment methods aim to prevent unauthorized transfers.

Why do transaction names differ?

Transaction names like WUVISAAFT, VISA Direct Payment, etc. can vary slightly depending on your bank, credit card issuer, and geographic region. But they all refer to Western Union money transfers funded via Visa cards.

I hope this comprehensive overview dispels any confusion around the WUVISAAFT bank charge! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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