What Is the CCI CARE.COM Charge on Your Bank Statement?

Have you ever checked your bank statement and come across an odd charge from CCI CARE.COM? If so, you may be wondering what exactly this charge is related to and whether it is fraudulent. This blog post will provide an in-depth explanation of the CCI CARE.COM bank charge to help you understand where it comes from and what actions you can take if you find any unauthorized transactions.


CCI CARE.COM charges are associated with Care.com, which is an online platform for connecting families with caregivers, housecleaners, tutors, pet sitters and other domestic workers.

CCI Care.com Charges Your Credit Card

Some of the services offered through Care.com include:

  • Finding babysitters, nannies or eldercare providers
  • Running background checks on caregivers
  • Accessing premium features to aid in hiring
  • Subscribing for recurring housecleaning or other domestic services

So in short, any charges from Care.com will show up on your bank statement as CCI CARE.COM, including one-time fees or recurring monthly subscription costs.

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Why Am I Seeing CCI CARE.COM Charges?

There are a few reasons why the CCI CARE.COM charge may be appearing on your bank statements:

You Used Care.com Services

If you’ve hired someone through Care.com previously or used their background check services, legitimate charges would show up from CCI CARE.COM.

You Have a Membership or Subscription

If you see recurring CCI CARE.COM charges of the same amount every month, this likely means you have an active premium membership or subscription to Care.com. The monthly fees give you access to special features or services.

It’s an Unauthorized Charge

Unfortunately, some people have reported unauthorized recurring charges from CCI CARE.COM suddenly appearing without consent. This could indicate:

  • Your Care.com free trial converted to a paid membership without notice
  • Your Care.com account was hacked and used fraudulently
  • Your payment information was accessed and abused by a third-party scammer

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What to Do If You See Unauthorized CCI CARE.COM Charges

If you spot any CCI CARE.COM charges that you did not agree to, take the following steps:

  1. Contact Care.com Customer Support at 877-227-3115 to investigate the charges and cancel any memberships or subscriptions tied to your account. Be sure to take note of any information they provide.
  2. Dispute the fraudulent transactions with your bank or credit card company. Alert them to the unauthorized charges so they can reverse the payments and potentially issue new account details. Provide any details from your call with Care.com.
  3. File complaints as needed with the FTC, state attorneys general, and the Better Business Bureau to report fraudulent account activity or abuse of your financial information.
  4. Carefully monitor bank statements for any further suspicious charges and notify institutions immediately of any new unauthorized transactions. Consider adding transaction alerts.

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How to Prevent Unexpected CCI CARE.COM Charges

Seeing an unrecognized charge on your bank statement can cause confusion and distress. When it comes to avoiding surprise CCI CARE.COM fees, being proactive is key. Consider implementing some of the following preventative measures:

Review Account Settings Frequently

Log into your Care.com account routinely to review settings and check for any recurring billing or automatic subscription renewals you may have forgotten about. Mark your calendar ahead of renewal dates so charges do not sneak up on you.

Beware of Free Trial Offers

Free trials for premium services often convert to paid plans automatically when the trial period ends. To prevent unexpected charges, set reminders to cancel trials or memberships ahead of time if you do not want to continue. Reputable companies will notify you before charging, but check nonetheless.

Use Virtual Credit Card Numbers

Consider using virtual credit card numbers or prepaid debit cards when signing up for free trials. These temporary payment methods allow you to set a specific spending limit so additional charges will be declined.

Enable Transaction Alerts

Most banks allow you to set up alerts when certain criteria are met, such as any transaction over $1. Get notified immediately of charges so you can stay on top of account activity.

While CCI CARE.COM charges from Care.com are typically legitimate, unauthorized transactions do unfortunately occur. Stay vigilant in monitoring statements and account settings to minimize the risk of unexpected fees. Act swiftly in disputing any charges you did not approve.

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Have You Dealt with Unexpected CCI CARE.COM Charges?

Have you ever found a mysterious CCI CARE.COM charge on your bank statement? What steps did you take to deal with it? Share your experiences below to help other readers!

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