What Is the HFT ePay Charge on Your Bank Statement?

Have you ever checked your bank statement only to find an odd charge labeled “HFT ePay”? If you’ve made a purchase from Harbor Freight Tools, either online, in-store, or over the phone, this charge covers their electronic payment processing fees. But what exactly does it mean?

Below we’ll break down the HFT ePay charge in detail, including what it is, when you may see it, and tips for managing these types of transaction fees.

What is HFT ePay?

First, let’s decode the charge itself. HFT stands for Harbor Freight Tools, which is a popular American tool and equipment retailer founded in 1977.

The company operates over 1,000 stores across the United States as well as an e-commerce site.

ePay refers to their electronic payment system that allows customers to pay online or over the phone using debit cards, credit cards, or e-checks instead of cash or checks.

It offers a convenient way to pay without visiting a Harbor Freight Tools physical retail store.

The HFT ePay charge on your bank statement covers Harbor Freight Tools’ transaction fees for providing this payment processing service on your purchase. It is typically an additional 1-5% of your order amount.

So in short, if you see an HFT ePay charge, it means you used Harbor Freight Tools’ electronic payment service for your recent purchase from their company, and you are now seeing the processing fee for this on your bank or credit card statement.

HFT ePay Charge on Your Bank Statement

When Will You See HFT ePay Charges?

You may notice HFT ePay charges on your bank account or credit card statements after making any purchase from Harbor Freight Tools using their ePay checkout system. This could include:

  • Online orders from their website when checking out
  • Phone orders placed through their customer service department
  • In-store purchases if you used debit/credit instead of cash

The ePay charge may show up with just the text “HFT ePay” or could also include part of your order number for reference. But regardless, it signifies that the amount is covering Harbor Freight Tools’ transaction costs for your specific purchase.

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Why Does Harbor Freight Tools Use HFT ePay?

Retailers like Harbor Freight Tools utilize electronic payment solutions because they make purchases more convenient for customers.

Instead of having to visit physical stores and pay in cash, ePay allows fast checkout online or over phone with your debit/credit cards.

It also speeds up transaction times, as payments can process instantly instead of waiting for checks to clear. This improved checkout experience tends to lead to more sales.

For the retailer, ePay services reduce overhead costs of handling cash and checks, but they still have to pay charges to payment processors to enable debit/credit transactions.

The HFT ePay fee gets passed along to the customer to cover these costs.

HFT ePay Charge on Your Bank Statement
HFT ePay Charge on Bank Statement

What to Do If You Have an Unexpected HFT ePay Charge

If you notice an HFT ePay charge on your bank statement that you don’t recognize or believe is incorrect, don’t panic. Here are a few tips on what to do:

  • Review recent Harbor Freight Tools purchases – There may be a legitimate order you forgot about or didn’t realize would have an additional ePay charge.
  • Check with your bank or credit card provider. Your bank can give you details like the exact transaction date and amount to help you determine if it is fraud.
  • Contact Harbor Freight Tools customer service if you cannot find the related purchase. They can look up the order by your account details and explain the charge.
  • Dispute unauthorized charges through your bank. If there is still no record of your order, the bank can reverse the charge and issue a new card.

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How to Prevent Unexpected HFT ePay Charges

The HFT ePay charge from Harbor Freight Tools is typically a legitimate fee for using their electronic payment system.

However, you still want to take precautions to avoid any unauthorized charges appearing under this description. Here are some tips:

Set Up Account Notifications

Sign up for transaction notifications through your bank or credit card provider. This way you will receive alerts for every purchase in real-time instead of waiting for the monthly statement. Review notifications closely to ensure you authorized each HFT ePay charge.

Use a Secure Payment Network

Only make Harbor Freight purchases directly through their official website and retail stores instead of third parties.

Also ensure you are on a trusted network, never public Wi-Fi. This prevents hacked payment data resulting in fraud.

Monitor Statements Frequently

Get in the habit of reviewing statements at least weekly, if not more. This allows you to identify any unauthorized charges quickly while the details are still fresh. You can then take fast action in reporting/disputing incorrect HFT ePay fees.

Protect Personal Information

Be cautious about sharing financial details online or with others. Also, only enter payment information on Harbor Freight’s secure checkout page. Avoid saving card information in your profile across sites. These measures prevent someone else from making unauthorized purchases.

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The HFT ePay charge may seem confusing initially, but it is simply Harbor Freight Tools’ electronic payment processing fee to use debit/credit instead of cash or checks. Being aware of these types of transaction charges can help you catch any unauthorized activity quickly. Monitoring statements closely and using card/payment security best practices can also give peace of mind.

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